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Advertise real estate correctly
What is the best way to advertise your property?

Advice - apply for real estateSimply advertise and it's already up and running? A misconception! False advertising often ensures that a property is not sold.

If you want to sell your property, you need to advertise it. In this article we will introduce you to the most important options. Note that these are general guidelines only; under no circumstances can they replace the creation of an individual campaign that optimally suits your property.

There are also major differences in the design and type of application. If you don't know what to look out for when marketing, the desired advertising effect can quickly vanish into thin air. A professional real estate agent will create the optimal advertising for you for the channels that we present to you in this article.

Note that private real estate sellers do not have access to some important channels. Again, you need the help of a real estate agent.

Possibility No. 1: Newspaper advertisements in the regional press and on Internet portals

This is probably the most frequently used way to find a buyer for your own property. Especially with Internet portals, private real estate sellers make mistakes when marketing. When searching in a real estate portal, a real estate buyer expects to be able to look at photos of the real estate there. This is an excellent opportunity to show your property at its best. Unfortunately, only very few private real estate sellers are able to create attractive photos of the property, so that only a few prospective buyers are really curious and contact you for a viewing appointment. As real estate agents, we know how to put your property in the right light with the right photos.

Possibility No. 2: Targeted contacting of interested parties who are looking for a property like yours

Real estate agents collect many contacts in their databases who are currently looking for real estate. As soon as we receive an order, we go through our list and introduce your property to those interested in looking for a property like yours. In this way we can often find a buyer quickly because the requirements are known and these people want to buy a property as soon as possible.

Possibility no. 3: Create a sales-promoting exposé

In order to generate the greatest possible attention for your property, you need an appropriately designed exposé. Professional real estate agents know how to create such documents. They have sufficient experience to present the most important information in such a way that it complies with the legal framework and at the same time arouses the curiosity of property seekers about your property.

Possibility No. 4: Notices at banks and real estate shop windows

Many brokers have the opportunity to place exposés in places where many people pass. This includes notices at banks and savings banks as well as displays in restaurants, hairdressing salons, law firms and tax consultants' offices. This ensures that many people learn about your property and increases the likelihood of a quick sale.

Possibility No. 5: Conduct mail advertising

The buyers of a property often come from the immediate vicinity of the property. With targeted postal advertising in the immediate vicinity, your chances are not bad that a potential buyer will notice your property. Professional real estate agents operate what is known as “farming”, in which they can write to households in the region in a targeted manner. Private individuals do not have these "hot addresses" so that this type of advertising is likely to be too time-consuming.

Private real estate sellers depend on finding buyers through advertisements. Sometimes word of mouth also helps; but often not. If you don't want to leave anything to chance when selling your property, contact us. We would be happy to explain how we can market your property.

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