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Guide - Finding the perfect propertyWhen buying real estate you will have to make compromises - but this is how you do it right!

We are certainly not telling you anything new when we tell you that the location of a property is of great importance when buying a property. When looking for a new property, there is a lot more to consider. Remember that buying a property is probably the most important financial transaction of your life.

Choose a good location
Would you like to buy a property? Well, then it is best to start your planning by deciding on a location for the property. If you have children, make sure there are good schools nearby. Also consider how easy it is to get to your workplace from your new property. If you drive to work, see how long it takes you to get there during rush hour. If you prefer public transport, you need to make sure you have good public transport connections.

Make a list of requirements

In order to really find the perfect property for you, you should be clear about what you need and what the whole thing should look like. Ask yourself questions like the following:

  1. What type of property (terraced, semi-detached, detached, etc.) should it be?
  2. How many rooms do you need (e.g. a room for each child or a separate study)?
  3. Do you need a big kitchen?
  4. Should there be daylight in the bathroom?
  5. How about a garden or a fireplace?
  6. Is the property cut cheaply for you? Look at the floor plans and imagine a typical daily routine in them.
  7. If you need a fast internet connection, is the property in an area that has high speed DSL?
  8. Are there suitable shopping facilities in the area that you can easily reach?

How much can you afford?

Once you have decided what kind of property you want to buy and where the property is to be located, the question that remains to be clarified is the maximum cost of the property. To answer this question exhaustively here would go beyond the scope of this article. We strongly recommend that you speak to a good financial advisor. It is best to first make an appointment with the real estate advisor at your house bank and get detailed advice.

Talk to a professional real estate agent

In projects where nothing should go wrong, it is advisable to seek the advice of an expert. Buying a property certainly belongs to this group. Professional real estate agents spend all day buying and selling real estate. So what could be more obvious than hiring a real estate agent to look for the perfect property? Real estate agents can not only be of assistance in finding the right property, but also in assessing how many repairs a property may need before your needs are met.


The points raised are certainly not exhaustive. They are only meant to inspire you and direct your thoughts in the right direction. If you allow us to compare, finding the perfect property for you is like a journey. The journey can be either long or short, bumpy or smooth. As a real estate agent, we will always help you to make your trip as pleasant and quick as possible. When you have arrived at your destination, you can then enjoy your new home to the fullest.

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