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How to sell real estate quickly and efficiently

Guide - sell real estate quickly and efficientlySelling quickly and at a good price is a fine art. Here you will find valuable tips.

Many real estate sellers underestimate the task of finding a buyer for their property. Listen to the good advice of an experienced real estate agent from Obernburg: Selling a property can be nerve-wracking and require a good deal of patience and perseverance.

The goal of every real estate seller is to sell their property as quickly as possible and at a good price. In this article we deal with this very problem. If you have the same goals, be sure to read the article carefully to the end.

Tip #1: Get expert help

It sounds like a truism: if you want to get top-notch results, you need someone who knows their stuff well. It would be presumptuous for someone selling a property for the first or second time to assume that they can do the best they can under the circumstances.

And yet there are still many people who need to be convinced that hiring a professional real estate agent is one of the wisest decisions anyone with property for sale can make.

Tip #2: Determine the marketable price

Only with the right price will you be able to draw the attention of potential buyers to your property. If you price too low, you lose money; if you set it too high, you'll only attract the wrong people. These people will certainly not buy your property because it does not deliver what the purchase price promises.

Many real estate sellers rely on the illusion that perhaps the one uninformed person will come and pay them their dream price. During this hopeful wait, the clock ticks incessantly and the dream of a quick sale gradually disappears into thin air.

Worse still, market participants are scared off and subsequently ignore your property. If, on top of that, you have to have sold by a deadline, you are exposing your sales project to a not inconsiderable risk. The supply of real estate buyers is very limited.

Therefore, think carefully about what a marketable price is for your property! If you feel unsure and do not know how to determine this price, it is better to use the experience of a real estate agent.

Tip #3: Create a marketing plan

You may be thinking that a marketing plan is only for big ad agencies. Not even close! In order to be able to sell your property in Berlin quickly and at a good price, the following points must be met:

The widest possible audience needs to know about your property.
Interested parties must be able to get a good picture of your property.
Your property must be advertised attractively so that interested parties are made curious and want to view your property as quickly as possible.
You can achieve all of this with a cleverly devised marketing plan from a real estate agent. This does not necessarily have to be expensive; However, you must know how to advertise effectively and have access to the key channels through which to attract affluent prospects.

If you would like to find out more about the sophisticated and individual marketing plan we use to advertise your property, give us a call.

Tip No. 4: Think about additional buying incentives

Real estate buyers are by nature indecisive. After all, there is a lot of money at stake and nobody wants to make a mistake. Interested parties are often about to make a decision to make a purchase, but they lack the final impulse to do so. If you feel like one of your prospects is in the same situation, it would be helpful if you could give them an extra incentive.

These incentives could include helping you cover the cost of any repairs, or paying a share of the notary's fees.

Tip #5: Clean up

A property that is sparkling clean and has no clutter always looks more attractive. And that is exactly what you want to achieve: interested parties should be impressed by your property!

It is certainly a good piece of work to bring your property to a high gloss. But look at it from this side: It's an excellent opportunity to part with things that you don't want to take with you to your new home anyway. Sooner or later you would have to do this work anyway. If you do it right away, it will have a very positive effect on the duration and price of your property sale.


This summary of tips is intended to give you ideas on how to increase the chances of selling your property quickly and at a good price. As professional real estate agents, we can help you with every single tip and ensure that your real estate sale in Frankfurt and Berlin is a pleasant experience and that you achieve your goals.

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