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How to make your property irresistible to buyers

Advisor - Make property irresistibleTo sell your property for the best price, you need to impress your prospects — with these tricks!

Would you invite guests to a party without taking a few precautions? Certainly not! You should also approach your real estate sale in the same way and beautify your property a little.

If you now think that this costs a lot of money, then you are wrong. With comparatively little effort, you can make your property appear much more attractive to prospective buyers. If you want to sell your property for the maximum price and in the shortest possible time, you should read this article carefully to the end.

Clean up, clean up, clean up
Interested parties are most irritated by things lying around during viewings. These obscure the view of the actual object of desire, so to speak: your property. Therefore, create an environment in which there are no personal items such as photos, pinboards, toys and other knick-knacks lying around.

This way you offer a potential buyer the opportunity to imagine what their own stuff might look like here. Even if you are proud of your personal belongings and your 3-year-old daughter's paintings, you distract the prospect from mentally settling in here now.

Thorough cleaning from top to bottom
After you've tidied up your property, you need to give it a thorough cleaning: not just a vacuum, but a thorough scrubbing of every corner. A clean and tidy property looks much larger and more inviting. And always remember: A bright and spacious looking property can be sold much faster and at a better price.

Give your property that certain something
With the basic cleaning and tidying up, you have created the basis for being able to sell your property sensibly. But to make them irresistible, there's still a little missing.

The most important rooms to visit are: living room, bathrooms and kitchen. Touch up any damage to the walls and, if necessary, invest in a can of paint or two and give your living room a fresh coat of paint.

You can add a sophisticated accent by laying a fresh tablecloth and placing a vase of fresh flowers in the center. This conveys to your prospects that your property is something very special.

The bathrooms should only shine like that. Make sure the fixtures are shiny and, most importantly, don't leave used towels lying around. Toothpaste stains on mirrors or in sinks also do not add to the attractiveness of your property.

In the kitchen it is important that there are no visible residues from the last cooking. Dirty dishes on the counter must be cleared away before the prospect enters your property. Also make sure that no food smells give a bad impression.

Make light
Of course, prospective buyers want to see your property – so open all the shutters and blinds and switch on all the lights. It is unpleasant when interested parties have to ask several times whether the light can be switched on. Something like this creates the suspicion that you have to hide something about your property.

Complete with your property
The last tip has nothing to do with your property, but with you, the seller. Maybe you have lived in your property for years and you have grown fond of it. Because you associate countless beautiful memories with your property, for you it is more than just stones with a roof on it.

But now is the moment to let go. Make it clear that your property will soon have a new owner who has his own ideas and wants to implement them. Assume that your property will not remain as you prepared it. If you are too attached to your property, it will make selling extremely difficult.

Our tip: Do not see the sale of your property as an end, but as a wonderful new beginning. This has already helped many real estate sellers to mentally part with their own property.

If, despite everything, you are struggling to let go of your property at every visit and every negotiation, consider letting a real estate agent handle the sale of your property for you. We're here to help.

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