Living in old age

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Living in old age - how to take precautions
Age doesn't stop at anyone. What should happen to the property when you retire? To sell? Barrier-free renovation? Or assisted living? Our compact guide will answer these and many other questions.
Current expert knowledge
This guide explains:
  • how to bring your property up to date.
  • how you can upgrade your property sustainably.
  • what you need to consider when making age-appropriate conversions.
  • how to adapt your property to your future needs.
  • what technical possibilities exist.
  • what real estate opportunities (sale, rental, assisted living, etc.) there are in old age.

In case of doubt, a property must adapt to the current living situation.

In this guide, we will tell you how to Jungle of possibilities for action get by and share with you that current state of knowledge.

Also the property value plays an important role. If you have not yet determined the value, you can use our market value analysis quickly and without obligation online.

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