More financial freedom through retirement
Life annuity: This is how the annuity of a property works

Would you like to stay in your property, but at the same time benefit from the increase in value over the last few years? Then renting out your property can be an attractive option. But beware - there are a few things to consider. In this guide we show all the opportunities and risks.

Current expert knowledge
retirement? You need to know!
  • Who and what property does it work for?
  • Usufruct, leaseback, annuity – what is what?
  • In this way you avoid the typical pitfalls.

The various models of "property annuity" offer an attractive solution to a typical problem faced by retirees: the home has been paid off, but the dream of greater financial leeway for travel and purchases can only be fulfilled by selling it. But who would want to simply leave their familiar surroundings and their beloved property? This is where retirement can help. In this guide we have dealt intensively with all aspects of usufruct and annuity. What are the pros? Something against? What is important to pay attention to. Want more than reading? Then let's talk about it personally.

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