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The 10 best tips for viewing properties

Guide - Real Estate ViewingsCan't go wrong with sightseeing? Of course it is — as the article shows.

You want to sell your real estate? Then you will not be able to avoid showing your property to interested parties; After all, no one buys a property without seeing it first. In other words, the subject of "inspection" is of great importance. Have you already thought intensively about how to present your property in the most impressive way? If not, then this article can give you valuable tips.

Tip 1: Be flexible in terms of time

Nowadays, many people have a tight schedule. Even if you are only able to offer a viewing at a few times, it is possible that interested parties have long since decided on another property before your appointment can take place.

Tip 2: outside hui!

The external appearance is the first impression prospective buyers get of your property. We know from ourselves how important the first impression is! Your goal should be that an incoming prospective buyer becomes curious just by looking at your property and can't wait to look at the inside of your property. It helps if your driveway has been swept and the lawn mowed. The beds should also make a well-groomed impression. Clear away things that are lying around as much as possible.

Tip 3: Prepare a warm welcome

Even if nobody buys a property just because the owner is friendly, a pleasant atmosphere helps to positively reinforce the impressions gained. So give them a warm welcome and let them know they have all the time in the world to look at the property at their leisure. Encourage them to ask you questions.

If you have hired a real estate agent, offer that the prospect and the real estate agent view the property alone. It's easier to talk that way, and any problems can be dealt with immediately without anyone feeling embarrassed to bring them up to you.

Tip 4: Tidy and clean

A clean and tidy property makes a much larger and more attractive impression. You should therefore keep your property tidy at all times and give it another go with the vacuum cleaner shortly before the viewing. Above all, don't leave any personal belongings lying around - they distract too much from your property. This process can be quite tiring over time, but it's worth the extra energy.

Tip 5: Create a pleasant room climate

If your prospects freeze in winter and sweat in summer, they will assume that this will also be the case if they live there themselves. These negative impressions are unnecessary and must be avoided at all costs. So make sure you have a comfortable room climate in good time. Ventilate all rooms and bring the temperature into a comfortable range.

If prospects feel uncomfortable with you, it may be that the viewings end very quickly and they were therefore unable to get an accurate picture. The last thing you need are prospects in a hurry to leave.

Tip 6: Turn on the light

Interested parties want to take a close look at your property, and for that they need light. Besides, who likes to move into a dark property? So make sure that all rooms are well lit - especially in winter or when it is cloudy. Open the curtains, pull up the blinds, and leave the lights on even after you've finished touring a room. Prospects will not be drawn to a property that they think is a dark hole.

Tip 7: Make pets disappear.

We are convinced that you love your pets. But pose a problem for the viewing. Not every prospect gets along well with pets; therefore, ensure that the viewing can take place without being disturbed by roaming animals. Some people get nervous around animals and you don't need that at all when you are in the process of presenting your property.

Tip 8: Have all documents ready

The decision to buy a property needs careful consideration. The more material you have ready to convince prospects that your property is a safe investment, the better. Therefore, show all plans, reports and the like so that doubts can be dispelled as far as possible from the outset. Buyers prefer properties where all the information is on the table and they don't have to feel like there could be a nasty surprise.

Tip 9: Instruct your real estate agent

You probably know your property best and if it is important to you that your real estate agent should mention various things during a viewing, point this out in good time. Even if your property is the center of attention, a family-friendly environment, for example, is a big plus that should definitely be highlighted.

Tip 10: Get feedback

When you've finished your viewing, ask prospects for feedback. Be prepared, however, that you may not necessarily hear the truth. Some feel uncomfortable saying they don't like the property. In this case, unfortunately, you won't find out exactly what caused it to fail. However, this information is very important to you.

It is therefore advisable to hire a real estate agent. Prospects are much more likely to tell their agent what bothers them. In this way you receive valuable information, you can improve your property bit by bit and finally sell it at a good price.

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