Advantages of infrared heating

  • 4 years ago

Modern infrared heaters are an ideal supplement to classic heating systems in remote, rarely used rooms or as additional heating, for example, in the bathroom. Infrared heating converts electric current into heat radiation and heats not the air, but the objects and people in the room. Although heating with electricity is comparatively expensive, the many infrared heating offers advantages that save costs and increase energy efficiency.

Other advantages of infrared heating are the ease of installation and low purchase and maintenance costs. In addition, the heaters are extremely space-saving and visually inconspicuous. For example, they can be hidden in a picture or are available as a mirror heater in the bathroom. A wall mirror with infrared technology also radiates a pleasant warmth similar to sunlight on the skin. Likewise, infrared heating prevents mold growth, as surfaces dry much faster than with classic radiators.

To control energy in a targeted manner and use it efficiently, an infrared heater with an integrated digital thermostat is recommended. Although there are models with ranges of up to 10 meters, the heaters should be placed so that the objects to be heated are only a few meters apart. A specialist expert will provide information on how to optimally extend the heating power to the size of the room.

Source: Building guide Germany

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