Tip: Set up a home office

  • 4 years ago

Nowadays, more and more people work from home. However, anyone who wants or needs to set up a study should pay attention to a few things. Above all, it is important that the home office is clearly separated from the private sphere. It is advantageous to set up the study in a separate room. If this is not possible, a room divider, for example, is suitable for separating the work area from the private area.

The choice and position of the desk play an essential role in a study. The office chair should also be well chosen. Pay attention to the right lighting, so that you can work efficiently and healthily. Thus, the desk should be located very close to the window, because even one meter from the window fifty percent of the light is lost.

In the evening, you should also make sure that your study is well lit. Two light sources are recommended. One lamp serves as general lighting and provides harmonious ambient lighting. The other lamp should be a task lamp and direct light to your workspace. Use storage boxes or antique apothecary or file cabinets to provide ample storage space. Pin boards and small office accessories or murals make their home office cozy and friendly.

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