Kitchen: Thanks to good planning to more comfort

  • 1 year ago

A new kitchen should be well planned, and with the support of experts. This is the advice of the Arbeitsgemeinschaft Die Moderne Küche (AMK). This will ensure functionality, flexibility and ergonomics in the kitchen later on. When planning, among other things, the base cabinets can be considered. Drawer systems with elements such as cutlery trays create individual solutions for residents.

Corner cabinets also create storage space. They can be equipped with swing-out, so-called shelf pull-outs. For example, pots that are otherwise difficult to reach can be placed directly in front of the corner cabinet when the cabinet door is opened. In addition, food and utensils can be stored in tall and ceiling-high storage cabinets. According to AMK, these are particularly suitable if there is little space available in the kitchen.

In addition, so-called pocket doors can be integrated into the kitchen. These are slide-in doors behind which, for example, a wine refrigerator or home office space can be concealed. Anyone who doesn't want to do without additional comfort when cooking and eating can nowadays also benefit from height-adjustable cooking islands, worktops and tabletops.

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