Photovoltaic expansion and solar energy output to be increased

  • 4 years ago

The German government has approved the draft of the 2030 climate protection program and decided to expand photovoltaics. According to this, 98 gigawatts of photovoltaic capacity are to be installed in Germany by 2030. The German Solar Industry Association (BSW-Solar) welcomes the plans of the federal cabinet, but continues to call for further improvements and for the resolutions to be quickly laid down in law.

Currently, the installed solar energy capacity amounts to 49 gigawatts and would mean an increase of 17 percent according to plans of the federal government. At the same time, the possibilities for distributing solar power are to be expanded, and the conditions for photovoltaic tenant power are to be optimized. According to the chief executive of BSW-Solar, Carsten Körnig, the goal should be to install around 100 gigawatts of photovoltaic capacity as early as the mid-2020s in order to meet climate targets.

The German Solar Industry Association is also calling on the German government to remove the 52-gigawatt cap on solar subsidies. In the heating sector, too, the subsidy conditions for RE heating systems should be improved quickly and legally binding minimum standards adopted in the area of heating renovation. Greenhouse gas emissions can be minimized many times over by using proven, low-cost climate protection technology.

Source: BSW-Solar

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